Well as the Harmon luck has alwas been . It has not changed for NASCARJIM !!!!!!! We get to Daytona at Midnight Thursday night or Friday morning depending on the way you look at things and as my LUCK has always been they lost the recavasions.So here we go found a room for only $55.00 a night . No problem,so I pay the bill and as I leave the Office I ask PLEASE TURN ON THE PHONE SO I CAN HOOK MY WEB TV UP AND START MY NEWS LETTER.THANK YOU!!!!!Do you thank that when thay did`nt take credit cards that should have told me something!!            Well I ask if the phone was on and she said well yes it was it was right there on the WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( just in case she ment the ouyside wall,a pay phone!!!!!!!), This was the most boring time I have spent in Daytona,there was 3 show cars in the whole town.                The race was boring and very predictible after Dales & Dales problems and Mark Martin in a back up car after he wrecked the #1 car last week.                   After every thing is said and done the FIREWORKS DISPLAY was the best I have ever seen.I don`t thank over 10,000 people left the track and those that did missed out on the best part of the week!!!!!!!!!!!                        Those in to diecast collecting got the best bargins of the year. i was buying 1-24 Revell at $16.00,anybody wants the shop I was dealing with E-MAIL me and I will send there E-Mail Address but please refernce me.THANKS I won`t to keep the good deals coming for all of us.I now have over 7,000 peaces of diecast .With over 900 autographed & over 4,000 autographed photos.                       I`m 51 years old and have been into racing sence I was 7 years old.                  PLEASE VISIT MY HOME PAGE AND SIGN IN                                                                  THANKS                                 NASCAR JIM Soon to be www.nascarjim.com                               C-YA                                                                       JIM

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